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People pay good money for lists of suppliers and drop shippers, but I have managed to find some surfing around. You can resell on Ebay, but the big money can be made by using your own outlet such as store, flea market or other outdoor market.
  • Closeout Central is a good place to start. It is a network of suppliers and buyers. You have to do some work, but there are some good resources here.
  • Google Groups Liquidators, Google is the best search engine so they also provide a good spot to find some suppliers.
  • Salvage Furniture Liquidation Pallets has hundreds of Store Returns Furniture Pallets available on a regular basis.
  • Missouri Wheels can provide wheels and other automotive accessories. You must fill out a form and speak with them directly in order to become a resale client.
  • Asbery`s Wholesale various stuff at fair prices with free drop shipping.
  • DVD Liquidations has a good selection of wholesale DVDs.
  • CRI Corp These guys are great! If you are looking for bulk items at a good price this place is for you. They post new things regularly and have a divers selection of merchandise.
  • Pallets Mart has bulk merchandise at good prices, but their descriptions are not very detailed. If you fill out one of the contact forms a representative will contact you and share all the details.
  • Premier Products International If you aren't looking to buy large lots of bulk merchandise you can work with these guys. They provide a many many different products at near wholesale prices. And they will even drop ship for you.
  • Wholesale Jewelery is a great spot to find good deals on reasonably sized lots of wholesale jewelery.
  • Lake Erie Trading is a wholesaler with many categories.
In addition to liquidation and wholesalers auctions are a great source for resale products. EBay is not a great source for merchandise because is so popular. It is a better outlet. Although EBay does have 'bulk' categories where you can find some fair deals.
  • Liquidation Auctions is a site where you can bid on lots of merchandise. A lot of the stuff on Ebay originally came from here. They have many different products and many sized lots.
  • Bid for Assets is a mixed bag of auctions. It has some bulk items, so good deals, some real estate. Many of the auctions are from local governments or the US Marshals. It is worth checking out occasionally because they do have deals some times.
  • Government Liquidation has most of the Governments surplus inventory. You can find may strange things here and most of it is military related. Some things require special permits, but there is are many everyday items (bikes, tv, etc.) that just happened to be used by the military.
  • IRS Auctions does not allow online bidding, but it does inform you of up coming auctions.
  • US Customs Auctions does not allow online bidding, but it does inform you of up coming auctions.

Once you have some merchandise you need to sell it. As mentioned above EBay is a good place to start. Another great option is to start up an online store. EBay provides a service where you can create an online store. In my mind this is not the most productive, because you are still tied to EBay. If you charge too much for an item on EBay the customer can easily go to another seller. With an online store your audience is more captive.

To get started you will need a place to host your site. For simple free hosting I would suggest Free Webs. If you want affordable professional hosting I would recommend Ventures Online.

Then you need to build a site. Here [will be] some good ref books HTML, JavaScript, MySql books.

Once you get your store setup and your products listed. You need to get set up to receive payment PayPal is the best way to do this. It is dependable, popular and the fees aren't bad. Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

In addition to selling products on your page there are numerous other ways to make money. Many companies have affilate programs where you receive a comission from each sale you send their way. The best I have found is All Posters. Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

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